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8 Key Metals Used in Metal Casting_metal casting service china_metal fabrication service_industrial manufacturing and engineering service_Omnidex

8 Key Metals Used in Metal Casting

Metal casting is a highly versatile method for manufacturing complex geometries and high-performance components. You can determine the quality and durability of your metal cast component by choosing the right metal for your component. Read on to find out which metal is the best for your manufacturing requirements and learn more about the most commonly used metals for metal casting.

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Tooling design for investment casting_investment casting service_metal casting service_industrial manufacturing engineering service_offshore subcontract_Omnidex Castings

Tooling Design for Investment Casting

When it comes to metalcasting and CNC machining, tooling refers to reusable items that are utilised for each job. Wax-injection dies are used as tooling to create wax patterns in investment casting. If you know how investment casting works, you already know that the investment casting process relies on these wax patterns. Wax has smooth surfaces, low melting temperatures, and excellent flow properties enabling highly complex investment castings to be made.

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Tooling for shell mould casting_Mould Castings_shell Moulding_Metal Castings Services_industrial manufacturing engineering services_Omonidex Castings

Tooling for Shell Mould Casting

Tooling for metal casting processes varies. From sand castings with individual moulds and cores to shell moulds with a variety of pattern plates, core boxes, cavities, ejection systems, and gates. When all of these components come together, the shell mould casting process allows the foundry to precisely produce the required dimensions, whether it’s doing a run of 100 or 100,000 parts. There are a variety of metal forming techniques that can be used to create the mould tooling for shell mould casting, and the best process is determined by the conditions of the foundry.

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Aluminium Casting vs Steel Casting_which Casting Process is Better_metal casting servies_offshore industrial manufacturing services_OmnidexCastings

Aluminium Casting vs. Steel Casting: Which Alloy is Right for Your Product

There are a variety of materials that can be used for casting, with steel and aluminium being two of the most popular. Their strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal make them ideal for casting. Manufacturers rely on the properties of these two materials to produce the products they need.They both have advantages and disadvantages. Despite this, manufacturers still prefer them because of their good properties. It is helpful to compare them to find out which is a better alternative…

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an overview of green sand casting_metal casting services_industrial offshore manufacturing services_OmnidexCastingsr

An Overview of Green Sand Casting

Casting metals in foundries as a mold is done with green sand, a material that is a compound mixture of sand and cement. It is known as ‘green’ not by its colour, but rather because the metal is not ‘set’ when it is poured into it; rather…

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the Control of Porosity Defects in Die Casting_Metal casting services_Industrial manufacturing services_OmnidexCastings

The Control of Die Casting Porosity Defects

When specifying die casting for a product the issue of porosity must be addressed. Despite the porosity defects being unavoidable, they can nevertheless be controlled. The purpose of this article is to explain what causes porosity and how to manage it using best design practices for superior results.

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Guide to making sheet metal brackets_industrial manufacturing services_Omnidex

Guide To Making Sheet Metal Brackets

Sheet-metal brackets come in a variety of styles and shapes. It is important to note that each sheet metal bracket-style has its own specific application when mounting a component or…

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7 factors Affecting CNC Manufacturing Costs_Omnidex

7 factors Affecting CNC Manufacturing Costs?

Planning is critical in any kind of manufacturing operation. However, when it comes to CNC machining, it becomes supercritical. CNC machining is a relatively costly process and therefore designers must understand the operation in order to minimise costs…

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3 Types Of Sand Used In Prototype Casting

3 Types Of Sand Used In Prototype Casting

Achieving consistently good results by sand casting is a complex process, contrary to the YouTube videos that circulate on social media. Did you know, for instance, that three different kinds of sand are used in sand casting? Why is a particular type of sand used at what time? When should each type of sand be used?

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