Why over 60% of all metal castings are produced via sand casting

Omnidex high quality sand casting services
Molten Metal Pouring in Sand Mold

The greatest strength of sand casting is its versatility. The process can produce castings of various size, from 1 kg to 15 tons, and can easily handle different shapes and designs (with proper casting engineering). This process also has the most flexibility in material choice. Most metals, including special steels and various alloys can be used in this process. Combined with inexpensive tooling and relatively straight-forward casting operation, this process easily becomes the go-to method for most metal casting production.

However, sand casting is also prone to porosity and other defects. Sand casting is so much more than just pouring molten metal into a sand mold. It takes years of experience to get the process right.

Quality sand casting is what we do

As a World-Class Sand Casting Engineering company, Omnidex specializes in high quality porosity-free sand casting, including heavy-duty supersized castings that is trusted by the leading mining companies around the world. As experts in Sand Casting, we understand your concerns over casting quality. That is why we strictly follow a series of industry best practices to prevent shrinking defects and porosity, and ensure the quality of our sand casting products is always up to our highest standards.

Omnidex customized sand casting mold
Sand Casting Mold
Omnidex engineering precisely assemble sand casting mold
Sand Casting Mold Assembly
Omnidex resin sand fulfill system servicing in United States and United Kingdom
Resin Sand System

Impeccable patterns

All or our casting patterns are CNC machined with specialized equipment. Accuracy is paramount at this stage as any inaccuracy in the pattern will lead to inaccurate castings later in the casting process.

World-class sand casting engineering

Our engineering team will take into account all shrinkage allowances, draft angles and other factors when designing the mold. Placement of removable cores, feeds, uprisers, chill blocks are also carefully thought out to produce the perfect results.

State-of-the-art simulation tests

Every casting design has to go through a series of simulation tests. These tests allow our engineers to estimate the likelihood of porosity, so they can move, increase or decrease the feeds and uprisers or add chill blocks as required.

Supervised by casting veterans

Our process is supervised by our highly experienced sand casting specialists. We will take into account the metal flow in the sand mold, material cooling and other issues such as uneven shrinkage or surface distortion to produce castings of the highest quality possible.

Excellent pre-treatment and finishing

Ferrous castings are pre-treated with zinc phosphate which provides a high level of corrosion protection, and finished with anti-rust coatings, zinc plating, powder coatings or spray painting.

Pros and Cons of sand casting:

Automative bracket parts produced by Omnidex for worldwide clients including united states and united kingdom
Sand Cast Automotive Bracket Parts
Sand Cast Automotive Bracket Parts using sand casting approaches
Sand Cast Automotive Bracket Parts
Sand casting services including producing Sand Casted Automotive Bracket Parts
Sand Casted Automotive Bracket Parts

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