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Precision Casting Services and Products 

Omnidex Casting, a member of The Omnidex Group, is one of the world’s most recognizable companies in its field, working with the best industrial manufacturers in China and Vietnam to provide high-quality precision casting products, manufacturing and engineering services to customers.

With a global customer base of well-diversified products and services, we cater to a variety of precision casting and machined requirements. The key to our global leadership position is our fully integrated business model coupled with comprehensive capabilities to offer one-stop solutions to our clients.

Our Core Value

Omnidex Castings embraces its Core Values wherever it goes, from the shop floor to the boardroom, from front-line employees to executives. In addition to our valuable staff, suppliers, and customer service, we also uphold these values:


1. Pursuit of Excellence and Innovation

The Omnidex Casting Team maintains a positive and open attitude towards new ideas and we seek innovation in every aspect of our services. Manufacturing is constantly evolving and we intend to stay on top of industry trends.

2. Productivity

We are constantly pushing for higher productivity. From supersized casting up to 15 tones, to large-scale orders up to a million units, we are able to fulfil literally any order in a real-world scenario.

3. Reliability

As an ISO 9001 company, we are constantly pushing for higher productivity. From supersized casting up to 15 tones, to large-scale orders up to a million units, we are able to fulfil literally any order in a real-world scenario.

4. Customer Satisfaction

We value every customer and your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We always strive to exceed your expectation and we want you to be our ecstatic customers. ISO 90

5. Efficiency

Our professional industrial manufacturing services and manufacturing processes are optimized for maximum efficiency. We aim at providing quick and economic solutions to customers and speed up their project cycle with our expertise.

6. Multiple Manufacturing Landscape

Our factories are based in China and Vietnam, providing high levels of casting production flexibility. You can also enjoy low-cost casting and a more extensive selection of metals when manufacturing in China and Vietnam.

Global Locations

Precision Casting Service_Offshore and International Manufacturing_Global Supply Chain_Omnidex Castings

Our offshore outsourcing services can assist in all aspects of the manufacturing process, or we can just assist in certain aspects. In response to your request, we can provide you with an estimate concerning the manufacturing costs of your product in China and Vietnam.

China Manufacturing

Omnidex Casting offers Product Design and Rapid Prototyping, Process and Manufacturing Development, Product Development, Manufacturing Management and Plastic Sourcing services and more.

Services ranging from Die Casting, Investment Casting, and Sand Casting. In addition to providing casting services at our China foundries, we also provide metal fabrication services ranging from CNC Machining, Sheet Metal Fabrications, Metal Injection Molding, and Plastic Injection Molding, etc.

Vietnam Manufacturing

- Diverse Metal Casting Services in Our Vietnam Foundry

With foundries in Vietnam, our customers receive guaranteed delivery backed by a western- owned company with a team of professional sales force they can trust.

By combining Omnidex Casting's global supply chain capabilities, tariff consulting services, and diverse production capabilities, we can help you significantly reduce your production costs and risk.

After the Section 301 Tariffs (China tariffs) began in Summer 2018, Omnidex focused on expanding operations to Vietnam to provide tariff-free options for our customers across the world. While manufacturing in China remains a viable option for many parts.

As far as Quality Assurance is concerned, you will find that our Quality Control services are second to none. With our experienced engineers on the ground, working in another country is much easier and less risky. And we are here to make your job easier.

- On Time. On Budget. In a Defect-Free Manner.

A Global Industrial Manufacturing Solutions

No Matter Where You Are in Your Manufacturing Process, Omnidex Castings Is Here to Help You.

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Why should you choose us?

One-Stop Solutions

Omnidex Castings manages every aspect of your projects including product designs and development, casting production, quality assurance processes and logistic. In Omnidex, you can enjoy a One-Stop industrial Manufacturing Solution with guaranteed quality. ISO 9001 company

Furan resin Sand Fulfill System | Sand Casting Process | Metal Casting Manufacturing | Casting Foundry | OmnidexCastings
Furan resin Sand Fulfill System | Sand Casting Process

Porosity Free Casting

The Omnidex Metal Casting Teams are experts in porosity free casting. We are very familiar with the best practices and potential issues in every casting process. We use a full suite of specialized CAT and simulation software to optimize our casting designs. Every mold and casting component is meticulously designed and precisely machined to specification. All casting processes are done in top-performing specialized foundries with our casting specialists supervising on-site.

Prove of porosity free casting by using destructive testing | ISO 9001 company
Destructive testing for porosity

Our Engineering Department consists of more than 40 professional engineers. We provide so much more than just the raw manufacturing capabilities because engineering and design are just as important to the success of your project.

Omnidex provide product design using CAD program
Product designs using CAD program.

IP Protection

We take IP Protection and Data Confidentiality very seriously. We do not share your information with any third-party entity other than under a strict NDA. All of our personnel are carefully selected and follow a strict code of conduct. Service providers have to go through a series of rigorous screening and review processes in order to join our sub-contracting network and they will not receive the full design or the final product. ISO 9001 company

Omnidex protects your IP by availability, confidentiality, integrity
Approaches to effective Data Security

We are always ready to help with your latest Metal Casting project.

Contact our Customer Service and let us know how we can help to catapult your next project to success.

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