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Best-in-Class Quality Control in Manufacturing for every Casting Project

As experts in multiple metal casting processes, we are very familiar with the best practices in the manufacturing industry, and our world-class quality control in management systems and diligent operational monitoring can effectively prevent any nonconformity and defect in our products.

The Omnidex Casting Team recognizes and accepts full responsibility for the quality of our work. We strive to fulfil all aspects of customer satisfaction and expectations by completing every order to the best of our abilities, because customer delight is of utmost importance to us. We want you to be our ecstatic customers!  

World-class manufacturing Quality adhering to the ISO 9001 standard

- Metal Casting Services: Solution to industrial manufacturing needs

Omnidex has been ISO 9001 certified for more than 12 years, and we follow a series of strict Quality Management procedures to ensure the quality of our services.

ISO 9001 is an international standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS), published by the International Organization for Standardization. The standard serves as guidelines to create, implement and maintain a Quality Management System, thus improving an organization’s overall performance. 
quality control in manufacturing casting inspection procedure china quality control services

ISO 9001_metal castings services_Omnidex castings_2023

Defect-Free Casting trusted by leaders in various industries

- Metal Casting Quality Control

For many years, we have been working with industry leaders to produce heavy-duty machine parts and mining equipment. We are known for making highly durable and reliable metal casting products that are free of porosity and defects, and we are proud to bring our expertise to a growing list of customers from the Oil & Gas, Technology, Medical, Construction, Automotive industry, and more.

quality control in manufacturing casting inspection procedure

Simulation result | quality control in manufacturing
Simulation Result (Before)
Simulation result
Simulation Result (After)
Simulation result
Simulation Result (Before)
Casting Simulation
Simulation Result (After)

Our commitment to metal casting quality is demonstrated in every stage of our operation

Metal Casting Inspections

- Metal Casting Services: Solution to industrial manufacturing needs

Each of our projects has a set of Quality Objectives and QA specifications detailed by our in-house professional engineers, project management and QA specialists. As the project proceeds to different stages, our QC Team will perform the relevant evaluation and metal casting inspection to prevent potential issues. Our QC process can be divided into the following 3 stages: 

quality control in manufacturing casting inspection procedure china quality control services

Incoming Inspection

The purpose of the incoming inspection is to identify potentially non-conformity prior to actual production. All materials and tooling will go through a series of testing and analysis to ensure compliance with our quality requirement.

High quality Die Cast parts
Die Cast parts

In-process Inspection

Having our own on-site engineers and QC specialists on the factory floor means that we can carry out quality control inspection throughout the entirety of the production run, no matter where the casting process is done. In-production QC sampling allows us to quickly make adjustments to mitigate any issue during production.

In hose specialist inspecting the steel plate so to detect any defects or imperfection_Custom Manufacturing Process_Metal Casting Equipment_Metal Casting Services_OmnidexCastings
Steel Plate inspection

Out-going Inspection

Before the final products are shipped to the customers, we always perform a series of visual inspection, dimensional inspection, metallurgical composition and metallographic analysis, as well as mechanical properties, surface treatment and packaging testing to ensure all quality objectives are met.

Quality checks by Omnidex
Quality checks by Omnidex

The Omnidex Casting team is committed to providing quality machining and manufacturing services with no compromise. If you are interested in our services, feel free to contact our Sales Department for a quick quote. quality control in manufacturing casting inspection procedure china quality control services

Metal Casting Services: Solution to industrial manufacturing needs

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