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In order to guarantee optimal outcomes for each casting project and the product development process, Omnidex Casting utilizes a variety of technology-driven processes. We know each project is unique and comes with its own set of challenges, so we offer bespoke casting designs that will produce the optimal result. 

Upon receipt of your order, our in-house engineers will evaluate the project and determine the most suitable product development and solution approach for your project. We work closely with our customers to develop each part or idea into a production optimised, functional and cost-effective delivery.

Using our many man-years of real-life experience we can advise on the most appropriate process for your product and, using 3D CAD and advanced simulation software, we provide a properly engineered solution.

Product Design and Development Evaluation

- Industrial Manufacturing: Metal Casting Services

Before finalising an order, a detailed engineering evaluation is carried out by all the key disciplines including design, production and quality to identify any potential issues. Where appropriate, control plans or any other job-specific items can be organised in advance of samples and production.

Product Design and Review Phase

- Industrial Manufacturing: Metal Casting Services

The design phase is crucial to the production of quality metal cast parts. This involves the creation of 3D CAD models and discussion with the customer’s team to ensure fit and function are clearly understood. The application of 3D simulation software enables us to develop the design with the highest possible integrity and has been proven over many projects to produce top-quality castings.

In the review phase, a detailed analysis is carried out by our engineers. The review phase includes (but is not limited to) the following items:

This proactive approach enables us to develop and optimise the part with consideration to weight restrictions, function requirements and mechanical properties such as elongation, tensile strength and hardness, whilst not losing sight of the commercial constraints.

Metal Casting Simulations Tools

- Industrial Manufacturing: Metal Casting Services

Our bespoke 3D simulation software is applied to all new jobs and is proven to produce castings with extremely high cast integrity. This ensures that quality is maintained.
Simulations permit or design team to:

We repeat simulations until we achieve the highest standard result. Communication and input from the customer are essential at this stage as occasionally changes are required to optimise the design to achieve the best casting integrity, highest benefits and production cost savings.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

- Industrial Manufacturing: Metal Casting Services

To ensure that casting designs meet minimum function requirements, finite element analysis (FEA) can be used to examine loading effects on specific areas of the part. This is especially useful when comparing different metal casting processes and enables localised changes to overcome identified issues.

Due to Finite Element Analysis, we can :

Technology & Engineering Best Practices at Omnidex

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Our Engineering Team uses specialised software tools in the product design & product development processes, including:

CAD tools

Auto CAD | Product development


Solidworks | Product design


Wildfire Core (Pro/E)

Wildfire Core (Pro/E)

Unigraphic NX (UG)_Metal Casting Services_OmnidexCastings

Unigraphic NX (UG)

Custom Manufacturing Process_Metal Casting Equipment_Metal Casting Services_OmnidexCastings


Metal casting product design & simulation tools

Casting Simulation

Casting Simulation



Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis

Motor-CAD Illustration_manufacturing costs_Metal Casting Services_OmnidexCastings


ANSYS_manufacturing cost_international manufacturing_Omnidex


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Omnidex Offshore Industrial Manufacturing Services

Our differentiated combination of engineering expertise, cutting-edge technology, and supply chain management ensures client satisfaction and quality.

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