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Omnichannel Manufacturing

Omnichannel Manufacturing

One-stop International Manufacturing Supply Chain: No Matter Where You Are in Your Manufacturing Process, Omnidex Castings Is Here to Help You.

Omnidex intermational manufacturing services

Today’s manufacturing project can be incredibly complex and maintaining an international supply chain has become more challenging than ever. A single product may contain hundreds of unique parts coming from multiple sources. High precision components or supersized metal parts can only be produced by specialized foundries, posing critical challenges to many businesses.

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Gravity Cast parts

Omnidex understands the difficulties your business is facing and offers an Omnichannel Manufacturing approach that can help businesses adapt to the evolving manufacturing ecosystem. As a leading one-stop solution manufacturing company, we combine the capabilities of our in-house facilities located in Scotland, South-East Asia, and a sub-contracting network of over 200 service providers, we are able to provide an impressive 73 different manufacturing processes and multiple ways to proceed on any given project.

Compared to most service providers that can only offer one or a few areas of expertise, and have a hard limit in terms of production capacity, choosing Omnidex means that you can easily build up a more flexible and cost-effective international supply chain with a faster turnaround time.

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- Optimise Costs. Reduce Risk.

International Manufacturing With A Delivery Guarantee

As your partner, we strive to maximize your profits by increasing your margins, reducing your supply chain costs, and giving you peace of mind in every transaction.

Transacting with overseas manufacturers can often come with increased risk, communication barriers, complex tariff calculations, and quality control issues.

Delivering both quality and value is Omnidex Castings’s promise. With us, you’ll not only be able to take advantage of low labour costs in countries Vietnam and China but also benefit from our engineering expertise, tariff consultation, outstanding customer service, legal protection, etc.

In addition, Omnidex has manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam. Through a global supply chain, our team can offer a variety of production capabilities, such as sand casting, die casting, investment casting, gravity casting, metal molding, sheet metal fabrication and more.

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How does Omnidex offer comprehensive one-stop manufacturing solutions?

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We can provide you with a free quote for all your metal manufacturing needs. Throughout the whole process, you will work with a dedicated account manager who will be your primary contact point.

We are always ready to help with your latest project.

Contact our Customer Service and let us know how we can help to catapult your next project to success.

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