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World-class casting craftsmanship and with unlimited project capabilities
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Top tier investment casting that gives you more precision
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Porosity-free sand casting that is reliable and economical
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High quality permanent mold gravity casting for the best result
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Omnidex Castings:
an Industrial Manufacturing Company

Omnidex Castings has been working with top-tier manufacturers and corporations on numerous projects with great success for years. Across many industries, we provide high-quality precision metal casting services. Combining a wealth of experience in the field, we produce industrial machine components, ferrous and non-ferrous castings, iron and steel castings, small-run prototype productions, etc., with a wide range of Quality Assurance systems.

Specialise in Metal Casting Services

Omnidex Castings has been providing metal castings services and machined parts since early 2003 globally. We’ve been helping customers across different industries achieve their goals by providing metal-casted pre-production prototypes through comprehensive finished part production and assembly of finished products.

In addition to manufacturing and supplying customized products, we provide surface treatment services in compliance with customers’ specifications and industry standards. As a one-stop solution provider, we can deliver integrated services with efficiency and cost-effectiveness, together with a product that is both manufacturable and consistent in quality.

Proven manufacturing professionals with a commitment to excellence

Many of our customers come to us when they cannot find anyone else who can manufacture their complex parts. Like the investment casting process, it allows you to reproduce complex parts to your specifications. With us, you will receive a better level of quality than any other investment caster.

ISO 9001 Certificates

Our quality system has been ISO 9001:2015 certified for 12 years, which ensures that we meet all applicable industry and manufacturing standards and requirements. Led by professional engineers and industry experts, the company has pioneered the Omnichannel Manufacturing method, a tried and trusted formula to produce a high quality casting products for customers from 11 countries, including the US, UK and Australia.

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