Permanent Mold Casting for More Efficient Product Manufacturing

Permanent Mold Casting for More Efficient Product Manufacturing

Casting is most commonly associated with sand casts, which are used to create intricate components and products. Despite being the most recognizable form of casting and widely used as a production method, sand casting is not always the most efficient – especially if a streamlined manufacturing process is your priority.

Permanent mold casting may be the right choice for customers seeking a cast method that is economical and easily scalable. Permanent mold casting eliminates the requirement for single-use sand casting, which reduces manufacturing time and expense.

Omnidex Castings, a leading international engineering and manufacturing company, is proud to offer quality mold casting services to businesses in the Denver area. Find out about our metal foundry’s ability to create permanent casts for your next metal product by getting in touch with a member of our team.

How Does Permanent Mold Casting Work?

Permanent mold casting, also known as gravity die-casting, uses a permanent mold to create a product’s shape rather than sand. Permanent molds consist of two metal die blocks which are machined together to form cavities. By customizing the cavity die cut, our team is able to meet the specifications required for the product.

The metal die blocks are constructed using durable metals so that they can withstand repetitive use. Although die blocks can be made of just about any metal, cast iron, steel and aluminum are the most commonly used.

Metal die blocks are pressed together to form the cavity of the mold once the mold has been finished. Following the careful alignment of the carefully machined blocks, a mold can be made, and a cast can then be produced.

In casting, it is important to consider what metals or alloys will be used. It is ideal to use heavier metals like iron and copper alloys for more durable product. Lighter alloys like zinc-base, magnesium, and aluminum are better for smaller, more intricate products.

Permanent Mold Casting Techniques

A permanent mold cast always consists of machined metal die blocks that form cavities within which molten metal can take shape. However, there are a few different techniques where the casting can be performed. Omnidex Casting’s foundry primarily utilises gravity-based mold casting services, but also offers two other methods as well.

Low-Pressure Permanent Mold

Permanent mold casting is a casting technique that uses minimal pressure on the mold. The weight limit in this method is 15 pounds per square inch. By filling the die with adhesive applied the die loads and surface imperfections are reduced on the cast.

Gravity Permanent Mold

Omnidex uses a variation of gravity permanent mold casting known as tilt-pour permanent mold casting. This refers to any type of casting in which gravity is used to distribute the metal flow within a mold.

Using gravity, permanent molds can be cast with static pouring, in which the liquid metal moves downward as it is poured into the mold, filling the cast. A second technique known as tilt pouring involves pouring metal into a basin on the mold while it is horizontal, then rotating the mold while the metal flows into the basin. In our process, tilt pouring is performed in a more intricate way.

Permanent mold is the best solution if the following requirements apply:

The following table represents a simplified guide to help choose the most appropriate process. It includes information about turnaround time, per-piece cost, and more.

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3 Key Benefits of Permanent Mold Casting

1. Dimensional Accuracy

Next to high pressure die casting, permanent mold casting is the most reliable method of producing visually and dimensional consistent parts.

2. Tools for Permanent Mold

A permanent mold casting tool (mold) typically lasts 100,000 cycles before requiring replacement. Furthermore, in some cases molds can be repaired and by removing or adding features when necessary (to the mold) you can avoid replacements.

3. Cost Per Piece

When moving to permanent mold casting from fabrication or sand casting, the cost per piece can be reduced. By creating more than one cavity in each sub-part, we can potentially produce more parts during the tool’s life depending on its features.
With in-house processes including sand cores, machining, heat treating, coating, and assembly, Custom Castings is vertically integrated. Our expertise and extensive experience as a casting company extends across a broad range of industries including aerospace, medical, transportation, and construction.

Omnidex Offers Permanent Mold Casting Services

Omnidex Castings, manufacture in China and Vietnam, with offices in the UK, US and Australia, is able to deliver copper, magnesium and aluminum gravity die casting services. All our castings, including our high quality aluminum permanent mold castings, meet world-class standards and our team of industry professionals operate to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

For more information on our metal casting services, please feel free to visit our Metal Castings page or contact us.

Contact our Engineering Team to learn more about our diverse manufacturing and engineering service and how we can help on your projects.

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